Hawaii To Maryland

Putting together an online vote for your organization can be extremely challenging and time consuming. If you are a representative in a Home Owners association for example, you may want to propose changes throughout the neighborhood, but need approval by all the members of your association.  You can put together a full paperless ballot program on your own, or you can take a new route, better known as e-voting or evote. Online voting has never been easier.

In a small homeowners association it may be a bit easier to put together a quick vote on proposed changes.  What if you were trying to put together an alumni association vote and had to capture voters registration, ballot scanning, ballot tabulation, and other important items from Maryland to Hawaii? An alumni ballot is going to be next to impossible if you are trying to create voter empowerment and get as many people involved as possible. This is where you would want to utilize an online voting service with a company such as EZ Vote, to get as high voter involvement as possible.  Casting and tabulating ballots is as simple as sending out a few emails, gathering the details of all of the possible candidates involved in the election, verifying the information, and then sharing all of the information with potential voters.  Social media has made online voting simple and huge elections can be performed online with the click of a few keys on your keyboard.

Think about the possibilities created by Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In for performing such elections. Most people online utilize one if not all three of these platforms daily.  Facebook and Twitter are often used for more personal and social avenues, while a service like LinkedIn is geared more towards business professionals.  Groups are created on these social media channels inviting anyone and everyone who would like to join the group.  A few instructions are sent out to all connected to Facebook, and your online election is up and running.  It could not be easier or simpler than ever before to perform this type of election online.

The latest national elections in November of 2018 caused quite a stir, and there are still issues going on with voting in state elections. The state of Florida has gone through multiple recounts in order to determine the winner of the Florida Senate race.  Currently, the election is more than 10 days old and a decisive winner has still yet to be announced.  According to a website called FairVote, when recounts are done, the typical difference in the number of incorrect votes are roughly 282 votes. It would be really interesting if all of the elections were done through some sort of online balloting tool, instead of the current system. We could potentially see much less human involvement and more accurate results.