Chiropractic Care And Training in Maryland

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine. This treatment method focuses on diagnosing and treating any problems with the musculoskeletal system. Typically, the back and neck are the main focus, and most chiropractors believe that issues with the back and neck affect the general health of the nervous system. Chiropractic is the most largely accepted alternative medical profession, and chiropractic education and training is pretty rigorous.

What type of training and education do chiropractors go through?

Chiropractors must take part 4,200 hours of training and schooling. 4,200 hours comes out to 21 hours a week based on a 50 hour school year making it the equivalent of four years in a full-time educational program. The 4,200 hours must include at least 1,000 hours of clinical training under the supervision of a licensed chiropractic professional. Once all of the hours of education and training have been completed, students will be granted a chiropractic degree, but this is not the last step for aspiring chiropractics.

Much like lawyers or doctors, chiropractors must obtain a license from the state in which they plan to practice. Across the United States, all of the chiropractic exam boards require that potential chiropractors go through 12 months of a clinical internship to get licensed. According to Rockville Chiropractors in Maryland, doctors are required to be licensed in the state in which they provide service, not the city.  However, if a company like ProHealth Chiropractic and Wellness in Rockville also provides service in Washington, DC, they would need to be licensed in both areas to provide service. The chiropractor must also complete any state, provincial, and national board exams and have malpractice insurance to be fully licensed.

chiropractic care in MarylandEven with all of the thorough education and training that chiropractors go through, these medical professionals hear a lot of criticism about their practices. Many people claim that chiropractic treatment does not help cure any musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. Sure, the treatments provide a little alleviation of the pain that we feel, but the treatments do not lead to a cure. People say this because they have to continue to return to a chiropractor for extended periods of time – sometimes their entire lives. With all of the money that people shell out to chiropractors, of course, they want a cure. The unfortunate fact, though, is that some things simply cannot be cured. Especially if you are born with or develop a musculoskeletal disorder, without surgery, you will probably always suffer. Chiropractors are simply there to help reduce the pain and suffering that you experience.

Another problem that many people have with chiropractors is that they frown upon using drugs or surgical procedures to treat or cure musculoskeletal problems. While most people would agree that treatment without surgery or drugs is more desirable, there are many cases in which surgery can be better option. For a young, healthy individual who has experienced a sports injury, surgery that can take care of the injury is much better than continual chiropractic care for life. While some chiropractors may disagree, those are the ones you should probably avoid.