Video Production Training and Schooling

If you opt to pursue a career in video production, you will have to master working with high-end video equipment and highest-quality video producing technology. Video producers often work in very exciting environments. They are often creating television commercials, movies, corporate videos, and so on. Typical work settings apart from TV and radio include concerts, movie sets, recording studios, and theaters. All entry-level positions usually require at least having a certificate in video production. However, if you have an associate’s degrees in audio or video production, you will also have better job opportunities.

Responsibilities of Audio and Video Producers

As an audio producer, you will learn how to use computers and other audio equipment to efficiently operate sound and mixing boards. You will learn to record, mix and reproduce a wide range of sound effects, as well as music and voices. Lastly, you will learn to edit live recording on your computer using special software.

As a video producer, your responsibility is to set up and operate broadcast equipment. In case something is broken, you are responsible for repairing it. In order to maximize visual quality, you will have to carefully monitor and adjust the videos when needed. As audio producers have to edit live recordings, you will also have to edit video recordings on computers using special software. If you like these responsibilities, you should consider enrolling in a video production school.

Skills and Traits of Audio and Video Producers

Skills every video producer must have are creativity, adaptability, and ability to work under pressure. You also must detail oriented and well organized. When it comes to skills, you must have good troubleshooting and communication skills. You should also have manual dexterity to operate equipment and excellent critical-thinking skills. Only video producers with top-notch critical-thinking skills can engage in corporate event video production.

Video Production Degrees

Audio and video production degrees are usually obtained in an interior design degree program. This field of work is highly competitive, so getting a quality degree is of utmost importance. If you search for video production companies near Washington DC hoping to find a job have in mind that apart from a quality degree, you also must have experience. Only by combining these two, you have good chances to find work in this exciting field.

It is possible to get into the field with an associate’s degree. However, in order to climb the career ladder, and become a camera operator or film and video editor, you need a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor is necessary in order to receive training in all types of film and video editing software.

In video production school, you will learn the following:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Camera operation
  • Lighting and sound
  • Post-production
  • Editing
  • Motion graphics

In order to prepare a portfolio, after you finish school, you will have to work as an intern. Hands on experience is very valuable to all video producers who want become film editors or work in TV stations.

Video Production Career Paths

The most popular careers in the field of audio and video production are broadcast technician, sound engineer and foley artist, recording engineer, sound mixer, field technician, audio and video equipment technician, camera operator, cinematographers, videographers and movie and video editors.